Meet Your Fellow ROC’er: All Star Travel Group

Company: All Star Travel Group

Industry: Luxury, Leisure & Corporate Travel

Elevator pitch: All Star Travel Group redefines today’s standards in luxury travel. Our newly-established Newport Beach location will serve the needs of businesses and individuals in Orange County. Headquartered in Los Angeles with a global affiliate network, All Star Travel Group is one of the nation’s premier travel agencies catering to the entertainment industry, corporate world, special interest groups and sophisticated leisure traveler. With over thirty years of experience, the team at All Star Travel Group is recognized for its unparalleled services and personal approach to creating customized travel experiences to each of its clients.

Been in Business Since: 2003

Why did you choose your field of work? We all have a passion for travel and a keen desire to help people realize their dreams. Most of our agents come from high level service industries and have extensive backgrounds in providing outstanding customer service. The travel industry provides us an outlet to discover new worlds and share our knowledge with our treasured clients.

Location: Newport Beach

Best advice you’ve ever received: You never regret a single penny spent on travel.

Ideal collaboration/partnership AND what is your favorite part about ROC?: We chose ROC due to the diverse array of individuals and businesses who have also elected to establish their business in this unique space. We look forward to engaging in thought-provoking discussions with our like-minded neighbors, building mutually-beneficial relationships and providing guidance for those in search of an adventure.


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