Meet Your Fellow ROC’er: Thinksmart Whiteboard

Company: Thinksmart Whiteboard

Industry: TabletPC Market

Elevator pitch: Thinksmart Whiteboard is a Windows App that turns your PC into a shared whiteboard.  Stop writing on your office walls!!

Location: ROC The Vine OC and ROC Santa Monica

Been in business since: 2015

Why did you choose your field of work? Worked at Apple and some of the largest companies and saw the same thing, people were writing notes on paper and whiteboards and taking a pic with their phone and emailing it to those who could not be physically there in the conference room.

Best advice you’ve ever received: If you can show somebody a way to make their lives easier, you never have to worry about sales.

Ideal collaboration/partnership: Working with a VC that also has previously been a venture.

What is your favorite part about ROC?: Connections that I make almost daily, and FREE HOT CHOCOLATE!!

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