Meet Your Fellow ROC’er: Tourrs

Company: TOURRS
Industry: Travel and Software

Elevator pitch: TOURRS makes traveling more fun, flexible and independent. Instead of hiring tour guides, reading guide books or reviewing sites, we encourage locals to share their passion and local knowledge of their home town to give travelers amazing self-guided experiences.

Been in Business Since: 2015

Why did you choose your field of work?: After traveling and living around the world, we found that time and again we’d be in an area for just a few short hours or days with very little understanding of the hidden gems all around us. If only we could have locals clue us in and provide their unique perspective, every city, mountain town or great outdoors would reveal an amazing story. Combine this need to connect and explore with our years in software and user experience and you gain some insight into why we want to change the way people travel.

Location: The Vine SD

Best advice you’ve ever received: At least five other people in the world are having the same idea as you at the exact same time. Ideas are easy. Executing an idea is the hard part. Don’t fall in love with the idea, fall in love with executing as well as you can.

Ideal collaboration/partnership: Working with the city to highlight local hidden gems that locals and travelers can get excited about. Each San Diego neighborhood has a community with different perspectives and stories. We would love to help people share that story.

What is your favorite part about ROC?: We love the environment and the people at ROC. We were one of the early companies to move into the 101 Broadway location and we’ve seen it grow into a great community of startups and established businesses. We’ve hosted free pizza lunches to get feedback from people in the ROC community.


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