Meet Your Fellow ROC’er: UpCast

Company: UpCast

Industry: Entertainment, Apps, Film/TV

Elevator pitch: UpCast is the first mobile app that lets models and actors audition from their phones.

Been in Business Since: We launched in October 2016.

Why did you choose your field of work?: I’ve been modeling and acting for the last 8 years and felt the pain points of sitting in traffic and wasted time for both talent and productions. In my spare time I was teaching myself to code and working at various startups. After growing frustrated with the outdated audition process, I came up with the idea to merge my two passions to help others pursue theirs.

Location: (Which ROC, Office Number) I’m at ROC Santa Monica at 604 Arizona Ave – and I use the coworking space.

Best advice you’ve ever received: When I first had the idea, someone told me that the only way to know if something will be successful is to give it everything you have for at least 6 months. That way whether I failed or not, I’d have no regrets. UpCast was the first time I really went all in on an idea – and thankfully I stuck with it because it took a year before I got funding.

Ideal collaboration/partnership: With a production company/studio to fulfill their casting needs or anyone who works with talent or productions.

What is your favorite part about ROC?: Love the amount of open space, happy hours/mixers, friendly staff and it’s affordable. Can’t beat it!


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