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Company: kämen

Industry: Food

Elevator pitch: At kämen™ (pronounced common), we are dedicated to the cultivation of a society that uses its resources to the best of its ability. Our message “Food for the Common Good” is about benefiting the interests of all.  As consumers ourselves, we love and take pride in selecting ingredients of the highest quality available from ethical, environmentally sustainable farms, no matter how near or far in the world we have to search to find them. Because of this, we have aligned ourselves with farmers and companies across the globe that share our philosophy.

Kämen™ is a brand of premium, single ingredient, organic and natural Non-GMO certified food products.
Been in Business Since: January 2017


Why did you choose your field of work?: We believe that everyone should have access to the best products available at a fair price, and we are on a mission to make organic and natural foods a normal staple in every household kitchen because eating clean foods should be common for every person!

Location: ROC 120, Newport Beach

Best advice you’ve ever received: Wear sunscreen!!

Ideal collaboration/partnership: Working with companies that share our philosophy!

What is your favorite part about ROC?: Being in an environment that surrounds us with positive and creative energy from people in vast areas of business! 

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