Nerds are Now Popular: SBF Day Two

Silicon Beach Fest day two recap:

The world of social media and celebrity are inseparable. For promotion of good and bad deeds and product endorsement the two entities worlds are intrinsically intertwined. There are many reasons why celebrities have been found jumping aboard the tech train, the obvious marriage begins with the strategic alliances and audiences tied to a certain celebrity. This connection alone could greatly enhance the image of your company, by proper alignment with a celebrity’s image or persona and portraying desirable interest.

“Engineers have become cool. Nerds are running the country.” Hunter Grey, CEO and founder of Atlas Powered

Hollywood needs technology and often has the money to stay competitive in this area. Actors, like the rest of the population have little to no job security, unless you are Tom Hanks, and in most cases have investments spread out and are always looking for more opportunities. There are of course some delicate ways of finding and handling of celebrities through an alliance, clear communication and patience are required. Be prepared also that negotiations and decision are most often not with the celebrity but their respective “people”. Having the right people in the right positions in your company at the outset is required for growth. For example, your tech guys should not be dealing with the marketing and the PR should not be doing product development. Consider weaknesses and strengths on an individual level and make adjustments while always remembering that the end goals are the same and success is shared. Dealing with adjustment, refining your product and goals are a regular and required part of the process of growth and providing leading innovation in the tech scene.

So you want someone to show you the money?

The Silicon Beach Fest is of course about business, technology, trends and the common goal of making money. Accelerators, venture capitalists and crowd funding opportunities there seems to be no shortage of non-traditional funding opportunities, but what are they looking for and willing to shell out cash for? All methods of non-traditional funding do require the 4 P’s from Adam Millers opening address; patience, persistence, passion and place. It took 7 years for CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand to raise any venture capital. The new top VC’s provided some insight about raising B and C Series rounds of funding maintaining persistence and presence in your target market along the way. Doing your research will usually pay off in real money, not only in those you align your start-up with for promotion and funding but matching the right funding scenario for your venture.

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