One ROC Community Member Is Saying “Heyy” To The International Startup Community

Sometimes, the biggest things in life — be it a relationship, a friendship or a career or opportunity — can all start with one simple word: Hey.

Or, as Synchora creative director Andrew Danner would spell it: Heyy.

Heyy is an app that is something like a digital business card. Users of the app can create custom networking and promotional messages, and include photos and links in those messages. The creators of Heyy aim to give companies and individuals more control over that all-important first impression.

“Heyy was born out of the desire to empower people to make their best impression,” says Danner, who has done previous work for AT&T and AMC Networks. “Our CEO has an extensive background in events and entertainment, so he realized how key being memorable is to building relationships. Paired with our Co-Founder Régis Maag’s experience founding 5 digital companies, we were confident we could build something dynamic for users. We’re very excited and proud of the result.”

In addition to including photos and written content, users can also link to other social media sites in their Heyy messages, putting a twist on the normal dating site profile.

“We love user-centric products,” Danner says. “We found that by letting users customize what they share — from LinkedIn to Instagram — you can cultivate relationships on a case-by-case basis. This way, each interaction is seamlessly tailored to both the person and the situation.”

In the new app update, users will even be able to share posts with friends who are not yet Heyy users — without sacrificing anyone’s privacy.


“Since 87% of people store info in their device’s contacts, regardless of where they get it,  Heyy enables you to be instantly in the native contact book. [Users can] share with any device via AirDrop, SMS, and email. Plus, each contact includes metadata of where and when you met, so it’s easy to keep track of new relationships. When you trade info with Heyy, you’re only sharing what you’re comfortable with. Privacy and Customization are key to us.”

Just as Heyy is helping users to connect to other people, Heyy is helping Synchora to make a name for itself on the international tech scene. In fact, the company will be in attendance at next month’s WebSummit in Lisbon, and even made The ShortList of featured startups.

But when they aren’t traveling the world to meet with other innovators, the Synchora team is working at Real Office Centers.

We love ROC,” Danner says. “The staff and community are incredible. When we were in private beta for iOS, ROC invited us to participate in their TechDay LA display. It was a huge leap forward for us. Also, the day-to-day support and camaraderie are unparalleled. I’ve used several co-working spaces over the years and ROC is in a league of its own.”


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