Pride and Prejudice at Work

Where you work says a lot about you. Not just the décor or street address, but the ethos if the business as a whole is now more important than the actual job title. Being successful is no longer just about what you do, but how you do it. There is no shortage of the word “green” in our business vocabulary today. Once considered an ethical choice, it is now a standard of conducting business within the global economy. Supporting ecological choices is no longer a steep investment or a sacrifice motivated simply by future gains, tax credits or by monthly cost savings. In fact in a recent study conducted by UCLA’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability showed that overall production is increased significantly in a green business environment or with a company that has adopted ecologically conscious practices. By using a simple equation of revenue minus cost dived by the number of employees, the Environmental Standards and Productivity report found that there is a 16% increase in production and satisfaction overall. Feeling good about where you work is more than loving your job, it also involves being proud of the business you work for or contribute to.

There are plenty of incentives, rewards and government supported programs that help facilitate a transition or adoption of green practices if a business does not know where to start. More than likely there are certain green practices your business may already be doing. Free or minimal cost changes that can be immediately implanted are as simple as choice and are not drastic being a great place to start.

  • Changing light bulbs to long life, low mercury fluorescent bulbs
  • Purchasing unbleached and/or recycled paper products
  • Using rechargeable batteries
  • Using multipurpose cleaners (instead of many cleaners with a variety of chemicals)
  • Eliminate all unwanted/junk mail immediately
  • Establish recycling bins
  • Implementing power saving plans (i.e. shutting off computers/office equipment each night)

If you haven’t given much thought to items such as these it should now be obvious how simple it is to start with the simple choices you make. If you are an entrepreneur or independent business owner you have an obligation to participate and support green business operations as well. The office space you rent or lease should also reflect this philosophy. Real Office Centers (ROC) has several locations throughout Southern California and they have established a strong commitment to green practices, even creating their own program ecoROC which educates and supports sustainability. For a more detailed and thorough look at what a green office building looks like, the San Diego Green Business Program has a checklist available that is an excellent place to start and is applicable to all, not just those in Southern California. The incentive for a business to be ecologically conscious in its practices has evolved from being merely cost saving and increasing efficiency in general but is now also a matter of pride and opportunity for a business and its employees.

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