‘PUSH’ing an Awesome New Product For Action Sports Enthusiasts

When mobile tracking devices like the FitBit started hitting the market, they were a big hit with health-conscious consumers. But they didn’t cater to every sport — and that’s where Real Office Centers community member PUSH came in.

PUSH founders Todd Berk and Craig Smith are both passionate participants in action sports like track racing motorcycling, aviation and more. With highly competitive adventure sports, the desire to beat times — be they a competitor’s or your own — is strong. So Berk and Smith used their background in technology to launch Push, which creates affordable, professional-quality performance measuring tools for action sports lovers.

“PUSH tracks action sports enthusiasts with unparalleled precision to help them improve,” Smith says. “Our product the PUSH SmartGauge is like a Fit Bit for race motorcycles, performance cars, aviation and other activities. We make viewing important analytics about as easy as checking a text message.”

The PUSH SmartGauge hasn’t fully hit the market yet, but buzz is always building in the motorcycling community, thanks to videos like this one.

“We recently delivered our first round of pre orders to customers in the motorcycle track day market, Smith says. “These are highly competitive individuals with a significant desire to improve their lap times. PUSH is taking the data acquisition technology of Moto GP and making it available to every day riders. The motorcycle track day is our initial launch market, and then we will evolve into other markets such as aviation, rowing and mountain bikes.”

img_6341Though Smith and Berk both have big plans for PUSH’s future, they do acknowledge that finding great talent is a concern.

“There are some significant challenges ahead of us,” Smith says. “We are a small team with a smaller budget developing game changing technology for this industry. We need highly skilled developers who are as passionate as we are to make the product work for our customers. It’s challenging to find new team members that are the right cultural fit as we are starting to grow as a company.”

As PUSH continues to grow and change, Smith and Berk look forward to continuing to work at a Real Office Centers location.

“ROC is a great place for our company,” Smith says. “The culture and ability to talk with other business owners has been a huge help and resource for us.”

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