“Real Talk” With ROC Community Member Brian Victor

As a family law attorney, Brian Victor spends much of his time mediating child custody cases in family court. But a few weeks ago, this La Jolla Real Office Centers tenant took some time to appear on ESPN Radio’s Real Talk program.

 “It was an amazing experience, allowing me to not only promote my business, but also describe important aspects of the law,” Victor says. “It allowed me to reach an audience I would not normally be able to talk to, and express my experience regarding the law and legal issues.”

And Victor was speaking from a place of deep understanding and expertise. As the founder of Brian Victor Law, he has recommended more than 4,000 different parenting plans to San Diego’s Family Court Services.

“My practice focuses on family law including divorce and child custody,” Victor says. “I worked at Family Court Services (FCS) for nearly twelve years.”

Victor brings that experience to his work everyday, often to the benefit of clients fighting to maintain custody of their children.

“I recently had an evidentiary hearing where I was able to obtain the custody plan my client wanted, despite the opposing party making a request for sole custody of their children,” Victor says.

Beyond simply representing his clients in court, Victor also prepares both his own clients, as well as other attorney’s clients, for court mediation sessions.

“This session is extremely important because it can result in a recommendation being made to a judge regarding the client’s parenting plan. I use my experience of having worked there as well as my experience of being a family law attorney when preparing individuals to attend their session.”

As the only family law attorney in San Diego to have ever worked at Family Court Services, Victor brings a unique level of understanding to his current work. He encourages fellow family law attorneys to contact him, should they need assistance preparing their clients for mediation sessions.

Victor is currently working out of ROC’s La Jolla office, and says that it is the perfect environment in which to operate his law practice.

“I thoroughly enjoy working at ROC,” he says. “The staff is always so friendly and helpful, which sets my mood perfectly when I meet with clients. The staff is also very friendly to my clients, which they appreciate and sets the right tone for my meetings with them.”

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