REVELing In Branding Success: How a ROC Community Member Is Disrupting the Mobile Marketing Game

For Real Office Centers community member Brett Danick, developing his new app was all about offering an elegant solution for a common problem.

“For brands, we knew that they were frustrated with many aspects of the traditional retail model from sunken inventory to late payments from buyers,” Danick says. “Especially in traditional eCommerce, the prevalent issue was the lack of emotion and connectivity between the brand and customer. We continued to see brands with amazing culture and stories struggle to find ways to authentically integrate their amazing content into the buying experience without it feeling inorganic or simply broken.”

Recognizing this issue, Danick and his team started Revel, an app that allows brands to seamlessly share multimedia content with their core customers — and gives users the chance to discover new brands and products in a way that feels more serendipitous than standard advertising and marketing.

“Revel is a curated mobile marketplace where emerging brands give users a deeper look at their products, inspirations, and stories,” says Danick, who is head of product for Revel. “Revel is much more than just an app. We aim to be a destination and symbol for all that transcends the realms of contemporary art, fashion, music, and culture. We set out to create an authentic experience where people could connect with hard-to-reach brands straight from the convenience of their mobile phones.”

Revel launched on iTunes earlier this year, and currently has a five star rating. Though things have been going well on the user end, facilitating purchases has presented a unique difficulty for the Revel team.

“Our brands are spread across the world and use a diverse variety of systems to manage their eCommerce, inventory, and shipping, so trying to adapt the Revel platform to cater to these has and will continue to be a challenge,” Danick says. “With that said, we are investing significant resources into increasing our platform’s eCommerce integrations.”

Danick also hopes to someday include content from brands that do not sell their products directly through Revel. Additionally, Danick and his team at Revel are looking forward to new updates on the horizon for fall, which include 360 photo and video capabilities, an enhanced virtual shopping experience, and a more user-friendly search feature.

Revel’s brands can also look forward to a more seamless and effective eCommerce platform.

“Our brands can expect to see us roll out a variety of business and creator tools over the next few months,” says Danick, “which will include integrations into leading eCommerce platforms, advanced content creation and publishing tools, as well as valuable analytics and insights.”

Revel is currently based in the Santa Monica Real Office Centers location, and Danick says he and his team are happy in the community-oriented environment.

“Being able to walk outside of our office door and be surrounded by so many people working on so many inspiring projects is beyond motivating,” he says. “The rooftop view doesn’t hurt either.”

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