ROC Coder Develops His Skills

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For web developer Evan Lanning, working at Real Office Centers makes the entire workday better.

“Being a member of ROC has proven to be more enjoyable and valuable than I anticipated,” Lanning says. “Not only is there a great culture here, but I have found plenty of support from other developers. It seems there are always fun events and networking opportunities, and spirits are always high.”

Lanning recently joined the ROC family as part of Mobilize Solutions, a web marketing and development company that launched in 2014.

“I am a full stack web developer for Mobilize Solutions,” he says. “We are marketing company in the user generated advertisement space, and I am currently building our proprietary platform in a pure web environment.”

Last year, Lanning decided to beef up his coding and development skills by taking part in LearningFuze, a 12 week coding education program that teaches students about HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap 3, PHP, Firebase and other coding and development programs.

The bootcamp helped Lanning build the skills he needed to create Mobilize Solution’s platform, and gave him the tools he needs to learn new skills and programs in the future.

“I attended LearningFuze about a year ago, and it was a positive experience,” Lanning says. “Besides laying a solid foundation of knowledge, LearningFuze was instrumental in teaching me how to learn new practices in development.”

Mobilize Solution’s business is mainly built around two platforms, both of which allow companies’ social media followers and customers to take part in the web advertising experience.

Gold Camera, called a “virtual photo booth,” lets users snap a picture a of a particular product anywhere in the world, “brand” that photo and post it to social media, and then receive a reward from that brand.

ThisThat has the tagline “decide with friends,” and it brings the social experience of shopping with friends at a mall to the online world. Through the platform, users can post products they have bought or are considering buying on social media, and then get feedback from online friends about those products.

Lanning and his colleagues are now working to make Mobilize Solution’s products more accessible, and reach more users. He says that working at ROC has given him a leg up in these pursuits.
“The networking opportunity has impacted me on multiple occasions in which I have needed a solution to a technical problem and was quickly able to ask for help from fellow ROC members to solve the issue,” Lanning says. “I am enjoying working in ROC’s open environment far better than working at our previous boring office complex.”

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