ROC Community Comes Together to Celebrate Online Community Launch

San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and Honolulu — Real Office Centers’ locations might be a bit spread out geographically, but this Cinco de Mayo the ROC community showed how cohesive it really is by holding concurrent celebrations in these four regions.

ROC’s different members came together to mark the recent launch of a new online community, and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with tasty food, drinks, and ROC gift cards.

This year, three entrepreneurs won $500 credits toward office space a ROC, while one additional business earned a $100 credit.

One of the $500 credit winners is Randy Rodriguez of Accelerated Capital Group, an independent broker dealer based in San Diego. Accelerated Capital Group handles mutual funds, portfolio management and a wide rang of other financial services.


Rosemary Bordwell of Bordwell & Associates, a legal and corporate recruiting company, also won $500 at the Orange County ROC party. Bordwell & Associates is based at ROC’s Newport Beach location.


The third winner of a $500 credit was Sean Kissinger of Patientpop, a reputation management and marketing service. Patientpop specializes in connecting medical patients with legitimate doctors online.


In Honolulu, the $100 credit went to Nick Stone, a film editor, director and producer who owns Automaton Films. Stone has done commercial editing work for the Museum of Modern Art, Land Rover, Sam Adams, Jeep, Swiffer and more.


Cinco de Mayo may have passed, but the celebration goes on as these recipients enjoy a little free rent at ROC, and all ROC members continue to discover the online community.


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