ROC Hosts Silicon Beach Fest: HUGE Success!

Keep your head in the Cloud!

Day one:

The official commencement of the Silicon Beach Fest began with introductions be Digital LA CEO and Silicon Beach Fest event Director Kevin Winston and welcoming words of introduction by the locations owner, CEO and founder of ROC, Ron McElroy. This 3 day Event/Rally/Showcase was a combined success and provided invaluable golden nuggets of information, connections, advice and opportunity for attendees and participants alike. As an attempt to recap of this whirlwind entertainment festival featuring speakers, panels, parties and a hack-a-thon all for start-up companies is beyond containable in one brief summary, it began in the beginning on the 3rd floor of ROC Santa Monica.

The gathering provided not only inspiration and insight but also real tools, support and direction in navigating up the mountain of Entrepreneurship. Tokens of life experience were shared by the opening keynote speaker, Adam Miller who is the CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand, the world leader in cloud software focused on strategy, production and management. People, passion, persistence, and place, Miller contends, are the key elements in taking a start-up from a bedroom apartment to having 11 million subscribers in 190 countries. Admittedly he claims a brilliant idea is a good place to begin your business, yet having the right people is more important, ultimately contributing in a larger way to a greater potential. Not getting absorbed in the minute details, it is equally important to maintain “bigger picture” and make certain your goals include “improving upon society” or contributing in a helpful way.

The evolution of the way we do business should be focused on improving our efficiency, which is where the popularity of cloud technology continues to rise, and eventually will be “all could, connected and interoperable” as predicted by Michael Schneider, CEO of MobileRoadie. Working in the place you love becomes a personal preference and you are not restricted to Silicon Valley or New York. Being realistic while able to predict future trends is a tricky balance, and as with any business it is important to question if the business will endure in 5 or 10 years.

As with the domain name race, the App race is hot and competitive. With over almost 1 million to choose from and growing, it is important in the beginning to distinguish if it is an App or business. The App discussion emphasized critical advice in proceeding with development, including starting on IOS, marketing right away and offering the App for free to get it in use and in circulation.

Venture Capitalists shared the start-up showcase wich featured a range of apps, including GoodFit, BarStar, Connu and KLIQ, but also Dealflicks to fill empty theater seats, Cinecore an entertainment industry workflow solution, and more ingenious solutions. Start-up business logistics, tips and advice were shared from protecting your IP (intellectual property) to obtaining funding and bringing on partners. Valuing equity in the terms of cash investment is a necessity and ultimately benefits not only investors but partners and employees.

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