ROC Star of the Week: A Fair Way Mediation

From the ROC Offices in San Diego: Meet the Magical Mediation Man

Getting two emotionally charged individuals to agree on anything when they are going through a divorce is a hurdle, even in idle conversation, yet this is a purely magical trait that Rich Gordon possesses. His negotiation prowess may start with something simple, such as getting both dueling divorcees to agree what day it is but ends with astonishing and satisfying results all the way to the finish line, where “ex” marks the spot.

Rich Gordon acts like an experienced sailor who is able to navigate the seas of change in the shifting climate of child custody. These day, the laws relating to same sex marriages and child custody issues are changing just as family dynamics are unique. California has embraced the different types of family units but it gets tricky when the relationship falls apart and biological factors come into play. Long distance custody issues are also common in San Diego, where there is a large military family population and geographical separation is a common factor. These two circumstances are among Gordon’s specialty and niche in his mediation services.

It is no secret that the two most common topics couples fight about are money and children. These triggers are heightened in divorce and often lead to those “messy divorces” we often hear about, think “The War of the Roses” movie. All of that is avoided when couples (especially with children and assets) go through the mediation process, and that takes nothing short of some much needed magic. As the website for A Fair Way Mediation questions, what is “the real cost of fear and anger”, it can drain not only your emotional but financial bank account completely. Looking at the real cost in dollars, the website reports that the average cost of a divorce in San Diego County exceeds $25,000, and we all know in California that number is often near 6 figures. Ouch!

A Fair Way Mediation services rarely exceed $5,000 maximum, and offers a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

Part of the secret to Gordon’s success is his advocacy of neither party, but an advocate for resolution and results. One element of this formula is the atmosphere, the important even ground, which for Gordon is at ROC Downtown San Diego. Besides the obvious close proximity to the San Diego County Court House, there are also the corresponding legal and financial entities in the area that are essential for the details of getting the job done. Location wise, the Downtown ROC offices were ideal for Gordon’s clientele as being easy to access from all methods of transportation, and lends to added credibility overall. The icing on the cake (more like the writing on the wall) is really the décor, which psychologically plays an important role in negotiations. Mr. Gordon has the option of intimacy in his private office, for closed door conversations, and the conference room access with added room for not only documents but breathing space. The conference room in particular he finds provides a “soothing” effect, only further enabling him to get results.

The service that Rich Gordon, (B.A., M.A., and J.D.) provides in being a certified mediator (which must be undeniably one of the most difficult jobs) should be treated as similar to that of a hostage negotiator or a one man bomb squad, brave, fearless, highly skilled, and doing his trade for the benefit of all involved, especially the children.

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