ROC Star of the Week: Klick Communications

It seems easy to get lost in a sea of self-promotion on social media. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs think they don’t need a PR company or professional and can do their own self-promotion, thereby saving money. Putting your company’s image (something that’s very personal) in the hands of someone else can be scary, but so is failure. For the most part, all organizations large and small realize they must create and manage a presence on social media in order to brand their product or business. For those that actually do something about it, often the activity drops off drastically, causing previously interested people to wonder if things aren’t going well for the business. We’ve all heard it before: “There are no second chances for first impressions,” which seems final, like a death sentence, and can be just that. So most businesses, large corporations and start-ups alike, cannot afford to not have PR representation.

“If I was down to my last dollar I would spend it on PR.”

Bill Gates

It is said that brilliant ideas occur in the moment when things are lined up and just click, or ”Klick” as the case may be. Klick Communications is a PR and Digital Media group of “Klickstars” who all thrive on creating that moment and using it to propel your business forward and to the next level. Their unique blend of talents makes Klick Communications effective with all sizes of business models, from startups to mega hotel chains and tech titans. Klick has created that sweet spot for many. Their website eloquently describes their passion to “transform exposure into engagement and experience into delight,” by creating meaningful and personalized campaigns for each client based on needs and effectiveness.

Relationships are the blood flow of a PR company and Klick is no different, starting with their own staff, self-described as an “entrepreneurial, hungry” international team of personalities. As of now, Klick Communications has offices in Sydney, Australia, where the company started, and in the ROC Santa Monica offices. While the two branches are situated on opposite sides of the globe, they are always on the same page, communicating each day to keep them aligned and cohesive.

Having a presence in the ROC offices in Santa Monica offers the ideal private office space, with open or group collaboration space options, allowing the group of Southern California “Klickstars” to network within the ROC office building. Another huge perk for the Klick Communications team are the events that ROC sets up, particularly relating to venture capital, investor and other industry seminars targeted at the technology industry.

Klick has a jumbo Rolodex and its staff members are like Zen masters of fostering the “who you know” aspect of business and freely lending their “what you know” to a close partnership with their clients. Shared outcomes, overcoming obstacles, positive changes, harnessing the unexpected, meaningful results are all terms used to describe what ”Klickstars,” or thought leaders do. It makes you feel a bit better just knowing that, doesn’t it?

Klick Communications is constantly evolving with the ever-changing social media environment. The diversity of ROC offices is further compounded when international businesses like Klick Communications settle their US roots here. Creating an environment for success is what ROC provides, using that environment to highlight the best in others is what Klick Communications does, and it is a mirrored complementary relationship. When one looks good, so does the other.

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