ROC Star of the Week: Leventhal Law

Joe Leventhal of Leventhal Law started his practice less than one year ago at the ROC San Diego offices where he now occupies three offices, has a half dozen additional specialized attorneys on his team, and a growing client list of over 100. Navigating through the litigation process in business is tricky for even experienced attorneys, but is a specialty for Leventhal, who has a particular interest in this practice area and is known for getting results. Coming from a large firm where Joe represented Cooley, LLP for over a decade before starting out his own, is not so different logistically. For Joe — who offers high praise for his former firm — long hours, a beautiful office and prominent location remain characteristics of the job now that he’s at ROC San Diego. By having his own private practice he is able to better service a market where there is a great need of highly specialized and professional expertise in not only litigation defense and prosecution, but pre-litigation counseling as well.

Litigation is a broad legal term defined as any legal action or legal dispute, which in business matters can be tricky to navigate, lengthy and costly, all of which Leventhal Law strives to avoid for their clientele. Speaking with Joe Leventhal via telephone earlier this week, he elaborated on his philosophy about business litigation in general, noting his goal of avoiding litigation all together and creating a workable and satisfying solution for both parties. His website points out that “Winning at Any Cost, Isn’t Winning,” making Leventhal Law the atypical typical law firm.

Recognized earlier this year as one of the Top Lawyers in California, Joe Leventhal also knows the priceless value of pro bono work in the legal profession and consistently takes cases in this manner based on need and priority. Twice per year on average, Joe Leventhal gives topical presentations, most recently speaking at the 2013 eDiscovery Retreat on Electronic Discovery. False advertising and internet communications are both fast growing and relatively newer areas in the legal field, yet finding someone with experience and knowledge who is well versed in state statues and laws is rare and risky if you are seeking qualified legal counsel as a business owner.

Leventhal Law works with any size business, from Fortune 500 companies to individuals, all with the same professional level of highly personalized and result driven legal counsel.

Leventhal Law chose the offices of ROC San Diego as their executive suites for a number of reasons. Logistically the court house is within walking distance, which is not only convenient but practical, since the legal community is tightly focused around the immediate radius of the courthouse anyway, being that close simply made sense for Joe. Starting your own firm is not an easy task, and having all the resources that ROC provides was essential, according to Joe, “the staff is incredible, and the office space itself is very impressive,” and making a great first impression is often the most important to Leventhal Law, who is growing by leaps and bounds, legally speaking.

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