ROC Star of the Week: Simply Hired

Bill Jeffries is in Business Development for Simply Hired, a global search engine job matching network which has grown to serve 30 million people per month and works with thousands of companies in 24 countries. Despite the unemployment numbers caused by the “global economic meltdown of 2008” Simply Hired is nothing short of optimistic and realistic, and their recruiting numbers and steady growth reflect that sunny optimism.

Simply Hired is unlike most job listing sites and services, their cumulative resources are pooled or aggregated into a comprehensive listing index, as described by Jeffries when we spoke this week. Further elaborating on what makes Simply Hired unique, Bill compared the service to the great endeavors that Google undertakes in collecting, sorting, defining and placing career content in a single streamlined and organized platform (updated by the minute). Jeffries also mentioned the ironic connection with the history of the Santa Monica ROC offices as being a former Google office building before it was acquired by Real Office Centers in March of last year.

Bill Jeffries is an energetic and dynamic representative of Simply Hired and is very familiar with the Santa Monica area and its new branding of “Silicon Beach”. The corporate offices of Simply Hired are located in Sunnyvale, CA which is known as Silicon Valley. Jeffries has history with Santa Monica, he sees the potential in the ever growing connections sprouting daily, and it is a convenient location geographically speaking, since he does travel extensively. Beyond the logistics and probing a little deeper, Bill shared his personal view, that the ROC Offices in Santa Monica provide more than “a place to hang your hat”, it’s a productive environment and it simply makes sense for him. He explained that you can have uninterrupted privacy when needed, the office is equipped and professional, there’s meeting space available when needed, and the social interaction is stimulating, a perfect working “staging ground” for the diverse duties Bill undertakes when he gets to be in Santa Monica.

Simply Hired is rapidly growing and going through what Jeffries described as an “innovation and expansion phase”, adapting with the needs of businesses and job seekers all over the globe. With the Sponsored Job Offering platform(s) Simply Hired is a premium, time saving and tailored opportunity matching organization that continues to grow and adapt to the changing workplace but always with optimism.

From the Simply Hired website, “We all need to be ready to think differently about work, career and life. In a post-reset world, the pursuit of readiness—the mindset to invest in ongoing learning, to see growth in change, to explore options, take risks, and push the limits of one’s comfort zone—is key to surviving and thriving.” It’s just that simple!

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