ROC Star of the Week: The Rush

If you haven’t already heard about it, you will, The Rush Indoor Cycling Studio is like no other. You might have heard about (or even tried) spin classes; the energetic, heart pumping indoor cycling workout-but did you know that there were no dedicated purely cardio workout facilities until The Rush?

You may be asking yourself, is there an indoor cycling studio at ROC? While that is not the case, the founding partners utilize their office space at ROC La Jolla for the brains behind the brawn of their fast paced and emergent operation.

Nothing short of a dynamic duo, the two founding partners, Corey and Tim, who are also long time best friends, saw the opportunity after they fell in love with spin themselves, were passionate in their pursuit and dropped everything to dive into entrepreneurship-all in. Speaking with Tim and Corey about their business, they explained the process of leaving behind the corporate world to live a more meaning ‘fueled’ life was the smartest decision they’ve ever made. Reiterating a common believed principle among many successful entrepreneurs, that without purpose and meaning in life your passion wanes.

Armed with degrees in business, real world experience with major corporations, athletic backgrounds and unyielding enthusiasm for their mutual vision, their energy is highly contagious and spreading, literally. There are two locations of The Rush Indoor Cycling Studio open right now. The premier location in La Jolla has been open for 1 year, and just last month the Carmel Valley location opened. Plans are already in the works for the next location, possibly opening by year’s end. According to Corey and Tim, the complete vision of The Rush Studio’s includes 60+ locations, all tailored to the same high standards of excellence. Both of The Rush boutiques have similar ambiance with appropriate lighting (finally!), the Ferrari of spin bicycles (Keiser M3+ models), top notch instructors that have undergone an intensive recruiting process, and addictive and rewarding experience, different than a gym, and actively supports the local schools and charities.

Becoming an essential member of each community is of paramount importance, according to the partners, knowing about and actively supporting the community your business is in is the only way to succeed and grow. They mentioned that they are always open to ways they can help, which has included offering classes to local area high schools and P.E. programs and doing charity rides for various causes. Right now the duo is hard at work devising a way to open their doors of health and wealth to the corporate wellness world. Tim and Corey both expressed their support of utilizing The Rush Studio’s for team building events and developing some type of corporate wellness reward program in the near future. As a business owner this benefit is immediately returned in employee health, well being, proven greater productivity and reduced stress, worth the nominal costs of a monthly package. Whether we like to work out or not, the physiology cannot be denied. Cardio exercise is good for your heart and mind, when your blood is flowing your synapses are firing. Various ability levels, classes and instructors are available and can be booked not only on their website but they have an app you can download as well. Working out to music is like remembering to breath for many of us, and The Rush experience capitalizes on the powerful effect of music and combined energy in the form an of indoor cycling that is not only invigorating but an enjoyable and productive workout, who knew? Now you know what the big Rush is all about, The Rush Indoor Cycling Studio is likely coming to your town soon!

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