ROC Star of the Week: Wirestorm Innovations

ROC Santa Monica tenant Wirestorm Innovations is a young company that is already world wise. To describe what the company does seems limited by words. They provide tools, answers, solutions, ideas and inspiration, and they execute. Vague, right? If you say they are consultants, you wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s also like saying Google is just a search engine.

Since Abdul Miri and Mark Kowal founded the company in 2008 their actions speak for themselves: Wirestorm is in 9 countries and growing. So what do they do? They are the modern day superheroes of data. They solve catastrophic problems all over the globe. Essentially, Wirestorm Innovations provides solutions where there typically are none. They customize, create, implement and manage real data solutions often for larger companies (but they are not afraid of any challenge).

A brief conversation with Abdul helped describe their unique and invaluable niche. For companies large and small their workflow is the life blood of the company and as Abdul described the data “is like the child of the business,” the core that must be taken care, of and each business’ needs are different. Often in larger organizations they have to settle for data, content and workflow management that does not fulfill their needs, the “off the shelf” doesn’t fit, which is where Wirestorm comes in and creates an encompassing holistic, tangible answer and implements workable solution(s).

Wirestorm Innovations is full of inspiration and completely “opportunity driven” as Abdul described. Instead of just being problem solution oriented, Wirestorm operates in the “field of envisioning”.

Having operations in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East requires travel, communication, a flexible (and virtual) work solution, and most importantly, centralized management. When asked to describe just who Wirestorm is, Adbul explained that they are beyond a service oriented company, they are an interconnected network of talented and inspired individuals. One side effect of the full services offered by the Wirestorm team has been the inability to “unplug” at times, where Abdul has had to “suspend e-mail accounts so they go on vacation”, not a bad problem, or opportunity to have!

It seems obvious that Wirestorm is a perfect client for the ROC offices. Besides the premier serviced and virtual solution ROC offers, there’s the portability factor, and for Abdul the location of Santa Monica is also ideal for many additional reasons. Abdul has traveled the world and he recognizes the plethora of young talent in Santa Monica, not to mention the cultural and professional atmosphere is quite unique. The environment of the ROC offices Abdul finds inspiring by itself, offering “real world” scenarios and the opportunity to observe other business models. The office gives him a “fresh” and open perspective and the business market (compared to Irvine, for example) is not “saturated” with service oriented companies. The future forecast for Wirestorm looks busy and bright, better grab those shades, you’re going to need them.

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