ROC Star of the Week: Wright Brothers Communications

They are not in the aviation industry, yet they are not afraid of reaching greats heights of success, the Wright Brothers are the next gen of Real Estate marketing. The talented brothers, Casey and Corey Wright share a refreshing and passionate perspective on the challenges in the Real Estate industry, and their business(es) are giving the entire industry (from marketing to agents) a long overdue system update.

They began their grand endeavor by combining their mutual love of technology and communications with their experience in business marketing and extensive knowledge of real estate to form Wright Brothers Communications (WBC) in 2005. The goal of WBC was to target agents and how they market themselves, building and defining their online presence (partially by presenting engaging websites), and providing invaluable and pertinent tools and training for agents. Most standard websites may have some adaptable features that agents can utilize and manipulate, but having choices that are specific to each agent’s necessity and specialty is non-existent. Even if an agent hires a professional web designer, unless the designer has an intimate knowledge of the industry and completely understands marketing strategies, it is often an expensive, futile and a frustrating process leaving the agent with an almost useless tool. There’s the wrong way to do things, then there’s the Wright way.

In 2009 the Wright Brothers launched a recruiting website platform called RedCareers for Keller Williams. This service and tool has been instrumental in securing Keller Williams its continuous raking of the fastest growing national brokerage in the entire United States.

Out of the large necessity for what the Wright Brothers have to offer, spawned WingWire in 2011, which they built to offer “full functioning agent websites” that write and run themselves. What does that mean exactly? Think of your online marketing strategies as going on auto-pilot with a preset destination, the websites update themselves regularly and provide new relevant content multiple times per week. Additionally, by utilizing contacts, and social networks, their system allows the website to work for the agent, not the other way around.

“Every pixel is a work of art. Every feature is a celebration of form and function.”

Both charming and enigmatic and full of boundless energy, the Wright Brothers also do webinars, podcasts, and public speaking events on topics ranging from educational to inspirational and headlined at several hundred events.

So what is the Wright way to get it all done? According to Casey, it’s about the team, utilizing the strength of others and being flexible. Besides Corey and Casey, the Wright Brothers Communications team consists of 4 key players that are all able to wear more than one hat and reprioritize at a moment’s notice, both essential skills. In addition to the core group at Wright Brothers, they proudly boast utilizing the talent of freelancers and specialists; they have an incredible developer, gifted illustrators and eloquent staff writers and a vast understanding of bridging the gap between real estate agents and technology, people and possibilities. In an industry that was overgrown with weeds, Corey and Casey have carved a new path for agents. Their vision is panoramic and every day opens the realm of possibilities, new ways to get things done the Wright way.

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