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Talk to anyone who lives in Orange County, and they’ll tell you that things are changing. Not too long ago, Orange County was only known for its idyllic beaches and suburbs, a sleepy paradise of palm trees, Disneyland, and Real Housewives. But today it is developing a reputation as one of the hottest hubs for new businesses and tech companies. Aspiring entrepreneurs are setting their sights on Orange County, hoping to join companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Vizio, Western Digital, and Broadcom.

It’s a beautiful place to set up shop, and open for all sorts of business—the diversity of the tech sector in OC outranks some entire states. Whether its medical devices, software, storage, or the latest disruptive startup, the Southern Coast radiates business potential as much as it does the sunshine.

ROC supported the startup scene in Orange County from early on. They currently have four offices in Orange County—two in Irvine, and two in Newport Beach. According to CEO Ron McElroy, “We here at ROC are very high on OC…from those days when there were no believers that there was a legitimate startup community here in OC to now, when everyone seems to get it, the growth of the startup industry is here to stay.” Read on to learn more about the offices.


The Vine

The Vine is a one-of-a-kind creative work environment. Together with EvoNexus, UC Irvine, and Irvine Company, ROC’s new office proudly serves as a space to create, brainstorm, and collaborate. And it’s loaded: The Vine office has a huge event space, an outdoor fire pit, weekly food trucks and farmer’s markets, a café bar, a vegetable garden, electric bikes, and more. The Vine also offers co-working memberships, free onsite parking, after-hours access, and regular networking events.


Irvine Spectrum

The Spectrum office is ROC’s newest Orange County location. It’s situated conveniently near the 5 and 405 freeways, and the 133 and 241 tolls. Beaches are a quick drive in almost any direction and the office is right next to the Spectrum shopping center. Membership benefits include access to electric bikes, Metrolink shuttle access, full kitchen and café bar, free parking, an outside dining space, and more.


Newport Beach

Set up shop in Newport Beach and live the dream.

ROC member Bobby Barzi said it best: “You know you made the right decision when you can include beer, bacon bread, bikes, beach, and business when talking about your office space.”


Newport Center

Private office with an ocean view? Client meetings and lunch at Fashion Island? Two minutes to the beach? ROC’s Newport Center office has got it all. It’s peak Orange County: work and paradise combined, in an upscale office environment with great staff and inspiring neighbors.

So take your pick. Don’t worry, you can’t really go wrong. Every OC ROC office is close to the beach, great shopping centers, and fantastic restaurants, and they all come packed with amenities and membership benefits. If you are going to be living and working in Orange County, you shouldn’t have it any other way.

Find out more about ROC’s Orange County offices here!

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