Rosie is Real! The Jetson’s, Robots and our Future

All of us have wondered where are those flying cars are that we were promised from the Jetson’s? What about Rosie? Every busy families dream assistant and nanny who if any husband tried to hit on would get shocked as a result! Even though the Jetson’s series was set 49 years from now in the year 2062, the great city in the sky is not even close to being built, our freeways are clogged, and the fastest transportation technology is being developed for the train, our first major locomotive. This electronic age has been fascinated by technology and enamored with robots and tech which makes our life easier. So if not the cars, can we at least get some help around here?

There are reasons to believe that this virtual possibility is closer to becoming a reality in the form of drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Automated Vehicles) which the FAA is scrambling to make regulations for before 2015 (allowing for commercial uses of the technology). Entrepreneurs are closely watching this rapid evolution in the drone and robotics industries which is anticipated to yield $82.1 billion in just 10 years. From start-up companies to federally funded organizations, the primary uses and focuses are initially concentrated on security and agriculture applications, but there’s really no limit on the use of the technology in the hands of the public.

San Diego’s Chris Anderson, former editor of Wired Magazine is the co founder of the nation’s leading UAV manufacturer and designer 3D Robotics. Anderson likens the drone industry to the Silicon Valley start-up model, where this is just the beginning. Anderson also is founder of DIY Drones, as a hobbyist and professional his focus is making the drone and UAV technology more ‘user friendly’. There is of course no more user friendly version of an automated device than Rosie from the Jetson’s. Now that we have Siri, what seems to be the delay with Rosie?

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