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Sometimes, we need to let our inner human out. We need to get up from our desks, take our eyes away from the screens, and get moving.

Our chronically sedentary lifestyles are responsible for a host of modern ailments—heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and weight problems, anxiety and restlessness. Even when we do exercise, a lot of us head to gyms and perform isolated motions, like hamsters running the wheel.

Pete Neumann, the man behind SABERTOOTH Fitness, has developed a different sort of fitness strategy to reclaim our health. Neumann’s program starts with SABER—Supramaximal Athlete Building Exercise Regimen. Basically, this involves short bursts of maximum exertion, followed by periods of rest and recovery. One of the purposes of supramaximal SABER training is to increase your V02 Max, or your maximum capacity for oxygen intake and transport. A higher capacity for oxygen usually results in a higher level of fitness in an individual. SABER’s training also develops functional, injury proof fitness, and results in fat-loss, increased metabolism, and higher levels of energy.

And according to Neumann, the physical benefits of SABER training aren’t just superficial. He claims that SABER training will reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease, and increase your lifespan.

Pete’s SABER training has been a favorite with ROC members. He’s hosted some group workouts at ROC before, and will be hosting sessions this weekend and next week in Santa Monica. If you’ve been hunched over in front of your desk for too long, it will be a great chance to step away from work and shock your body back into fitness. If you’re curious about the upcoming workouts or want to learn more about SABER, read on for our interview with Pete.

Can you tell us about yourself, and how you ended up creating SABERTOOTH Fitness?

I come from a background of exercise physiology, decades of training experience, and unbridled enthusiasm. I started SABERTOOTH after discovering and implementing a successful and repeatable combination of fitness and nutrition principles—most importantly, Supramaximal Interval Training and Primitive Nutrition. In 2012 I unexpectedly became a single dad and needed greater flexibility in my schedule, so I abandoned my corporate career path and transitioned to full-time training (both boot camp and personal training).

What makes SABER training more effective than the standard gym workout that involves dumbbells and barbells? 

SABER (Supramaximal Athlete Building Exercise Regimen) beats standard, weight-based gym routines for a number of reasons:

1) Infinite variety…boredom kills compliance

2) Enhanced coordination via full kinetic chain activation (multi-joint movements)

3) Reduce risk of injuries (0 client injuries in 6 years)

4) Max Heart Rate leads to Telomere protection (enhanced life expectancy)

5) Improved VO2 Max….a primary indicator of fitness and longevity

6) Body weight routines lead to balanced, functional, tactical bodies

SABERTOOTH Fitness also stresses the importance of diet. What is the diet philosophy of SABER? 

200,000 years ago, when humans first appeared on the scene, the available foods sources were animal proteins and fats, leafy greens, nuts, fibrous roots, and the occasional simple sugars in the form of fruit or honey. As it turns out, our competition for fruit and honey was bears and bees. Bears and bees are jerks, so those things were infrequently available.

Our bodies crave those simple sugars, because they are a quick source of fuel, which allow us to conserve body fat. 200,000 years ago, body fat was the currency of survival. No fat = no fuel = no more hunting = game over. Fast forward to today, and simple sugars are readily and cheaply available. Our ancient DNA does not account for that. Accordingly, we tend to over-consume this fuel source, and 2/3rds of us already pay the price with poor health and excess stored energy in the form of body fat.

Put simply, you are coded to run optimally on a low-simple carb, high fat mixture of fuels. This nutrition plan delivers just that. It has been highly effective on those that have stayed with it. This plan is how I personally feed myself, and it keeps me strong, healthy, and lean. I hope that you will stay with it and reap its benefits for years to come.

SABERTOOTH provides a detailed nutrition plan to stay fit. What does the nutrition plan look like?

The nutrition plan is just that…a plan…not a diet. Diets are things that you go on for a while, suffer, deprive yourself, lose weight, and quit. The point of the plan is to fuel your body correctly and in a way that you can maintain for a lifetime.

The plan is based on foods that are…

1) Nutrient-dense

2) Fresh (when possible)

3) Not heavily processed and/or preserved

4) Anti-inflammatory (mostly)

5) Consistent with what was available to your ancestors 200,000 years ago

For the sake of sustainability, the plan is…

1) Nutritionally complete

2) Moderate in calories

3) Flexible (endless substitutions)

4) Convenient

5) Affordable (it costs about $5/day)

The first version was mostly green shakes, which were not especially appetizing. It was, however, highly effective. Eventually, after much tweaking and testing, I came up with the current, and far more palatable, iteration.

While this was developed independently, this plan does not differ all that much from the Paleo or Atkins diets. Both of those diets are highly effective for fat loss. Atkins is probably harder to sustain over the long run, and most versions of Paleo do not approve of beans. This plan is nutritionally complete and does not require supplementation other than a little extra Vitamin D.

If you could only perform one exercise movement to stay fit, what would it be?

Burpees with a Pushup and a Tuck Jump..they cover almost every body part except for lats and traps.

Tell us about the upcoming workouts. What can we expect from a SABER workout?

The upcoming workout dates are:

Saturday 8:30 AM Venice Beach…Navy Tower (Navy St and Ocean Front Way)

Sunday 8:00 AM Santa Monica Stairs  (meet in front of 536 Adelaide Dr)

Tuesday 6:30 PM Penmar Recreation Center 26th and Rose Ave. (NE corner of park … bleachers)

Thursday 6:30 PM Lincoln Middle School 15th and Washington St. (NE corner of track … bleachers)

 You can expect:

1. No repeat sessions
2. All of the gear required for your session will be provided and be clean.
3. You will receive thoughtful, supportive coaching.
4. You will have continuous access to me for advice.
5. You will receive homework to ensure that you progress on the days that you don’t see me.

How has your experience been working with ROC?

ROC is terrific. Great energy with the staff and the users.

The staff is beyond friendly and helpful. Maise is the probably the fastest woman on the planet.

The users are enthusiastic and eager to improve their fitness.

Be sure to join Pete at one of his upcoming workouts and get your sweat on!



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