San Diego Startup Week 2014-Almost Sold Out!

What’s hotter than Comic Con in San Diego? San Diego Startup Week is quickly becoming one of the hottest passes to possess and for good reasons, professionally speaking. Of course Comic Con highlights the creative genius of the under and other worlds, San Diego Startup Week focuses on the real world of entrepreneurialism and it is the “region’s premier catalyst for innovation”, as the event is described on the official event website. As you can surmise, this is not a single day event. San Diego Startup Week kicks off June 17th and runs through Saturday June 21st with a huge lineup of events, mentoring, product demos and highlights, parties, friendly competitions and networking opportunities galore!

As of today the Early Bird Passes have been completely sold out for the 5 day event, and tickets are going fast. The Standard Week Pass for SD Startup Week is just $55.

Where there is an innovative buzz, ROC is always present, and SD Startup Week is certainly no exception. ROC will be co-sponsoring SD Startup week and an event on June 20th for #GOSAN DIEGO DAY in which Startup America CEO Scott Case will be both in attendance and a guest speaker at.

The $184.9 million project of the newly redesigned San Diego Central Library was just completed September 2013, boasts of utilizing the latest in innovative technology for its applications will be the site for a special gala and pitch session for San Diego Startup week. This brand new modern accommodation is the perfect backdrop in showcasing San Diego’s finest minds and brightest stars in business and is a great networking opportunity as well a chance to explore the new library if you haven’t done so yet.

This generation knows it’s chic to be geek-even for ladies in the startup scene, Geek Girl Tech Con is one networking alliance group that will be holding an event that is open to all, men and women alike. During San Diego Startup Week on June 21st at 12 noon those in attendance will embark on a daylong conference devoted to empowering and enabling successes for women in the tech field. This is an all inclusive event with 30 workshops, a “Sharkette Tank Pitch Fest”, a Hackfest, panels, keynote speakers, one-on-one mentoring and you even get lunch and a “swag bag”!

Back in March, Forbes designated San Diego as the number 1 location to launch a startup, pointing out that San Diego already holds the title of “5th best business community in the country”. While those of us that live here have already picked up on this “emergence of small enterprise”, the pressure to perform now lies with our entrepreneurs. Considering the growing attendance and demand for events like Startup San Diego holds, such as the upcoming San Diego Startup Week, there is nothing Comic-al about the rise in leading innovators in the cleantech, biotech, defense tech, mobile tech, cross border manufacturing, and online marketplaces.

According to Forbes as well, San Diego’s very own Comic Con is the “largest convention of its kind in the world“, and while the San Diego Startup scene is still in its relative infancy, its growth potential is vast and international influence even greater-considering San Diego’s glowing reputation among professional circles.

Now for some name dropping-the San Diego Startup Team is spearheaded by the following roster of players; Brant Cooper, author of ‘The Lean Entrepreneur’, Melani Gordon, CEO at TapHunter, Tim Ryan, Founder of ValuNetwork, Denise Gitsham, Principle at 7 Second Strategies, Eric Otterson, SVP Business Development at Cooley LLP, and Austin Neudecker, a self proclaimed Startup Fanatic.

Feature image San Diego Library By Nserrano (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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