San Diego’s BRAIN Power: Get Ready to Put Your Nerd Glasses On and Get Out Your Pocket Calculator

What does San Diego have to gain from President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative? The program, Brain Research through Advancing Innovation Neurotechnologies focus is vast and includes further research in Parkinsons disease, PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease and other brain injuries and is a special interest of the President. This unique initiative is groundbreaking in its efforts to align the federal government’s efforts and financial support in medical innovation with those in private research sectors.

Most people are aware of the presence of biomedical research facilities in San Diego, which ranks 2nd in the nation in the industry. Being an epicenter for Life Science education and innovation in the biotech industry has put San Diego on the map in a new way. This large metropolis is a “brain magnet”, and the only city in all of California to bear the distinguished honor of attracting, cultivating and representing genius. Attracting International businesses, offering flexible work schedules and locations, access to exceptional facilities, tools and resources are all specialties prevalent and accessible in San Diego.

What is it about San Diego that attract brains and beauty? There are a combination of factors that make San Diego the ideal place to work, the young inspired talent pool, the variety of funding opportunities, accessibility globally (transportation), the weather (of course) and now the center of attention for the largest biomedical federally packaged initiative ever. Innovation clusters have risen up all throughout the country, talent pools are deep and competition is a positive motivator for solutions. San Diego is a unique location that has a diverse population, most of which are not afraid to flaunt their Mensa.

Partners and contributors of this huge undertaking include the Salk Institute in San Diego ($28 million), the Kavli Institute of UCSD ($4 million), and the Howard Hughes Institute in La Jolla ($30 million), collectively almost $100 million dollars from San Diego alone! New York is Wall Street, Detroit is Motor City, and San Diego is becoming a Medical Mecca.

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