Santa Monica Daily Press Interviews ROC CEO Ron McElroy About SBF

Starting tomorrow, Silicon Beach Fest is about to explode with some of the hottest new talent in the form of startups, incubators, accelerators, investors, angel groups, and VCs. With Santa Monica Daily Press knowing the happenings of Santa Monica, it was an honor that they dubbed ROC the “home base.”

ROC having partnered with Digital LA to host the event makes them the central location of this year’s SBF. Editor Ashley Archibald saw that ROC embraces the Silicon Beach Fest vice and “mirrors the kind of the kind of real estate business that he runs.”

Ron told the SMDP, “This is a culmination of making the office environment evolve. To bump shoulders while getting coffee, bounce something off of someone with a more creative mind, it’s brilliant. You don’t have that every day.”

Ron also called ROC the “Switzerland of business” for its efforts to maintain a “come one, come all” policy about its offices. These offices will be open to those still wanting to work, with an enclosed area and crowd management. However, with all these great networking opportunities, who would want to miss out. To read the entire article click HERE.

Are you going to this year’s SBF at ROC?

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