Saying “Thank You” In Business, The Phrase That Pays

Thank you notes may seem tedious, even outdated and a waste of paper for the ecologically conscious, but that doesn’t mean that saying “thank you” is passé. It’s a small phrase that makes a huge impact and it will never be out of style, personally or professionally. So if saying “thank you” is not one of your strong points, don’t be ashamed, your just like the majority of people who admit they should probably say thank you more.

A Phrase That Pays, Thank You Is Worth A Million

An article last year in Harvard Business Review passionately explained why it’s important to say thank you in business.

“Acknowledging each other is our basic responsibility of human beings living in community with other human beings,” stated the Harvard Business Review author Peter Bergman.

Bergman paints a dark picture of what our professional world would look like without this simple phrase we often overlook because we “are too busy for the trivial pleasantries”. Where “no answers are the new norm(al)” and “people are paid so they don’t need to be thanked” sounds coldly like a labor camp, and unfortunately are common justifications for nixing the free gift of “Thank You”.

Showing and expressing gratitude while powerful can also be abused, misused and overused, regardless of how you choose to express a “thank you” it must be delivered with sincerity. If you are going to commit to acknowledging your appreciation for others more, it must be easy and inexpensive, and there are plenty of resources available that meet both criteria.

A Little Effort Goes A Long Way

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Paper Bag Toppers for those Brown Baggers at the Office
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There are a bunch of cute crafty Thank-You ideas from, which lists 12 creative ways to say “thank you” all for under 15 cents each. Seriously. It can be done and doesn’t have to look exactly like the photos, after all it’s the effort that matters!

If you prefer something simple and quirky, the social site has assembled a list of 22 different ways to express thanks that can be text, e-mailed, memo’ed or just kept in your back pocket for best use. Like pick-up lines that actually work, these catchy cute sayings like You=Awesome, Me=Grateful and this one:

a.) A Peach

b.) The Bees Knees

c.) Cat’s Pajamas

d.) All of the Above, You!

If you are a fan of looking at and being inspired by crafty ideas there a plenty of Pinterest boards you can check out such as Corporate Gifts, and Cute Little Thank You’s to get your creative juices flowing.

You say you’re a traditionalist? Handwriting and a nice card is a treasure to receive, especially considering how rare it is to receive thank you cards in the mail, or anything good anymore. For this reason alone you have a chance to make someones day, most likely a card in the mail is the best gift of the day for someone to receive, and it lingers. There are plenty of professional printing companies that you can order customized and tailored thank you cards from such as Vista Print, Papyrus, Shutterfly and Minted.

There’s a unique internet service called that allows users to create a free account for personal or business use, select from a variety of (physical) Thank You cards and type in your personal note. They even have real handwriting fonts to choose from. The card is then processed, printed and sent with postage all for under $2.50 each. Efficiency is also an added feature with this service which incorporates your address book(s) and allows you to do mass and multiple, all customized mailings.

Saying “Thank You” in another language is a basic, find out how to say thank you in 26 languages, including pronunciation from Fact Monster.

saying thank you in business

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