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Co-working and crowd funding in San Diego’s Bio Tech

The most exciting and fundamentally helpful and breakthrough in science has taken shape in the form of co working and collaborative workspace environments in order to facilitate rapid growth in the biotech industry. As noted recently in the San Diego Union Tribune, Bio Tech and Beyond has designed a space specifically for “DIY bio-entrepreneurs, educators, engineers, scientists, and hobbyist” in order to creatively (without the traditional financial constraints) make breakthrough discoveries by means of offering a place for an “open science community”. The evolution of this concept of a sharing work environment to increase productivity, decrease overhead costs and facilitate and refine the development of products and concepts or theories.

In the biotech industry, where San Diego is considered the “Hot Spot” of the nation in this arena, the simple lack of availability and excessive costs of office real estate in the area has resulted briefly in a stagnation of cutting edge development and deterring new attractive entities from the San Diego region. In Carlsbad where large companies such as Life Technologies, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Alphatec have chosen to spread out, the micro venue now includes a place for innovation to grow freely, ideas to be shared and tested at a reasonable cost. Bio Tech and Beyond, located on Faraday in Carlsbad, does more than just facilitate the facilities and equipment, the self proclaimed “hybrid of science and education” has blended bio tech with start-up education, accelerator programs and crowd funding opportunities such as through the now infamous Kickstarter.

Interestingly the growth and evolution of social media in our lives, both in our business and recreational activities, have resulted in a great social experiment in universal sharing. The sharing concept as it relates to virtually everything in life from housing and vacations, to simply going “dutch” when eating out may not be new, but in the co working and crowd funding applications, sharing proves that where great minds and great ideas have financial support we all stand to benefit. Unveiling the dirty lab work, Bio Tech and Beyond even recommends its facilities for tinkerers and hobbyists who will have access to experts in specific science fields, take in a seminar or just observe others. By putting this research in the hands of the capable and willing, inspired and educated perhaps we will be closer to elusive “cures” or able to make pioneering discoveries where bureaucracy has previously dictated progress.

As this generation continues to manipulate and utilize technology and social media to benefit a global workplace, sharing should be fundamental, in physical space and ideas. In Southern California, co working and crowd funding have already proven widely successful in the technology and entertainment industries, both of which often have enormous start-up costs. If there was one area where innovation should not be stifled by economic factors and have equal access to opportunities it is in the medical field, after all, we are all human and the body and our health is something we can all relate to.

“There is a single light of science, to brighten it anywhere, is to brighten it everywhere.” Isaac Asimov

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