Skill Sharing Can Lead to Quicker Success!

The current emerging stream of tech start-ups, professionals, and entrepreneurs promises to accelerate economic growth, however, many people don’t own all the necessary skills inherent
 to entrepreneurs and successful start-ups.

A shared office workspace in an open source work environment, can 
enhance a company’s opportunity to grow rapidly and more effectively.

Besides the most common reasons for choosing a serviced office, workspace, or virtual office in a Business Center (such as cost effectiveness, flexible lease terms, and corporate image), entrepreneurs can benefit by collaborating with their peers and attending education and social events.

Much more than physical space, serviced office and workspace companies provide a platform for their members to connect, tapping into a pool of highly skilled, creative, entrepreneurs and professionals.

For instance, search engine optimization, web design, and social media, are known to be integral marketing tools for every company today, yet they are constantly changing fields, so unless you can afford to hire an expert or an employee to assist you 
with your efforts, the time it takes to research is costly because it directs your focus from your bottom line.

A financial planner in a shared 
service environment, however, may be introduced to an expert in SEO in an adjacent office or open work space so they can 
exchange ideas and knowledge in support of each other. This constant activity creates a socially conscious and sustainable work environment. So not only do companies share services and
 common areas such as kitchens, work areas, and conference rooms in a shared office and service environment, but now we see far more
 sharing of skill sets than ever before.

How has skill sharing in a open source work environment helped you?

Written by: Diane Kampner

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