SMART Pressed Juice


We don’t eat from the gardens anymore. Nutritionists recommend 8-10 servings of a wide variety of vegetables, yet most of the food being sold to us is processed, filled with sugars and artificial flavors, and consists of empty calories. For most people, getting enough vegetables each day is expensive and inconvenient.

SMART Pressed Juice makes it a bit easier with their line of powdered juices. All you need is to add a bit of water, and then your juice is ready. Each of their products are packed with vegetables, and they only use organic, non-GMO materials. The mixes are completely natural and vegan, with no gluten or artificial ingredients. The price also can’t be beat—while some other juices can cost almost 10$ each, SMART’s juices come out to less than 2$ per serving. SMART currently carries three types of juices—Cold Pressed Greens, Pineapple Cleanse, and Vanilla Proteini. They offer an award winning 7-day juice cleanse package as well, containing all three juices and a guided program crafted by nutritionists.



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