A Smarter Approach to Corporate Taxes at Real Office Centers

Real Office Centers community member Michael R. Arrache recently celebrated the third anniversary of Mr. Smart Tax, Inc. Arrache and his team have accomplished a lot in their first few years of business — and ROC has served as a launching pad for this CPA service.

“Mr. Smart Tax, Inc. is  one of the leading full service CPA firms, with offices located throughout California,” says Arrache, who is both a Certified Public Agent and an Enrolled Agent. “We offer a full range of tax, accounting and financial advisory services and give trusted advice to our clients.”

The CPA firm started with just one client: a local restaurant. Arrache has since grown Mr. Smart Tax to over 300 clients spanning across five countries. Most of these clients are closely-held businesses with under $100 million in revenue, but Mr Smart Tax does also work with trusts, estates, nonprofits and individuals.

And though Mr. Smart Tax started out working with a restaurant, Arrache says one of his company’s main accomplishments over the years has been broadening out into other fields.

mr-smart-tax-cpa-acronym“I have grown the firm from specializing in the restaurant and bar industry,” Arrache says, “to developing expertise servicing clients in areas such as international tax, estate planning, and business startup and management.”

Mr. Smart Tax has created many jobs for qualified CPAs since launching in 2013, and Arrache doesn’t expect that trend to stop anytime soon — but he does place an emphasis on employing the very best in the business.

“We plan to expand our team of CPAs to meet the evolving demand of new and existing clients. and to increase our expertise to help clients reach their financial results,” Arrache says. “Mr. Smart Tax, Inc. rises above competitors in expertise, attention to detail, professionalism and cost. Where most CPAs stop, we keep going and dedicate our services to the clients financial success.”

Mr. Smart Tax started in the Newport Airport Real Office Centers location. The business has since expanded all over California, but Arrache says that ROC continues to be a great home base.

“ROC has been a great place to work,” he says. “It has provided our business with necessary work place resources, as well as access to an impressive network of professionals and referrals.”

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