Social Media and our So Cal Life

Organization is crucial when it comes to Social Media and your business, starting with a plan. Most of the time the various methods of Social Media platforms for marketing may be less expensive in dollars, one mistake could cost you your business. Strategies, tips and advice were shared during this year’s Silicon Beach Fest at ROC Santa Monica on how to address Social Media with regards to marketing your business, branding and image creation as well as maintenance. According to the events elite panel Social Media can be described in three words, “Very, very important” according to Greg Leiber VP of Development at SHIFT, “It’s the future,” as reflected by Amanda MacNoughton, co-founder of ProJam, in support of having a social media plan and presence.

It seems obvious that once you build a platform of social media, such as a Facebook for business page, you must maintain it and keep it current, otherwise don’t even do it. When you are using multiple platforms, make certain that the overall voice and tone are reflective of your business and provide a similar experience. Having knowledgeable and professional social media management is not a luxury of a successful business; it is a necessity and is in a sense the launch pad for your business and reputation.

Communication is critical in a small business or start-up and in this scenario strengths and weaknesses are magnified. Even if you must outsource to get the right people in the right position is the only way you can grow. By making sure that the tech personnel handle their duties and social media expert(s) to handle those platforms you can avoid major blunders, being overwhelmed and ultimately not moving your business forward. When you are a start-up money is usually tighter than spandex, brainstorming creative (i.e. non monetary) compensation or “perks” is a great way to add value to your business. Offering educational opportunities, providing food, gas and gift cards, or taking them out to happy hour can ensure that they will be taken care of even if they are not able to get a large salary, which shouldn’t be expected from a start-up anyway.

Strikes, Base hits, and Homeruns: The pitches are made

During the Silicon Beach Fest individual geniuses had an opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential VC’s. Along with prizes, invaluable and specific feedback was given to each entity which is worth its weight in opportunity. Re-capping some of the best and brightest ideas began with the Semi-Finals, here are a few.

  1. Connu-Mobile app with a short story a day (including audio)
  2. WeCarpool-roundtrip carpooling to and from events
  3. Cinecore-Workflow solution for entertainment industry professionals
  4. Dealflicks- Priceline for movie tickets attempting to fill empty theatre seats
  5. Box of Plenty- Convenience bundled purchasing for regularly used items
  6. Kumbaya-social commerce with Internet based communities
  7. Good Fit-Finding the perfect fitting jeans
  8. Barstar-eliminates waiting in line for a drink at the bar
  9. KLIQ-Cross platform mobile messaging

And the finalists are…

  1. GonnaBe
  2. Punchcard
  3. Oakreach
  4. FilmBreak
  5. Clude
  6. Vow to Be Chic
  7. Connu
  8. GoodFit
  9. DealFlicks
  10. Double Beam

The Grand Prize Winner for the Silicon Beach Fest Start-up Showcase, who is now $5,000 richer, was Ted Tekippe of Double Beam, a mobile commerce that features high credit card and banking security (already in use in some locations). Congratulations!

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