Social Media Mastery Part 2, Lessons Learned From Social Media Week (SMWLA)

Social Media Week LA last month was not only a huge success and larger than ever, but with the 1,000 events that took place the virtual buffet of food for thought was not only globally represented but there was just far too many delectable dishes to have possibly tasted everything. For that reason, ROC Santa Monica, who was the premier sponsored host for SMWLA 2013, is reheating and serving up a condensed recap, brief highlights of some events you may have not been able to catch.

The second installment of ‘Social Media Mastery, Lessons Learned’ further emphasizes the benefits of being educated and utilizing all the benefits of the social media world as a necessary function of doing business in today’s globally connected economy. Mastery of any skill takes knowledge and practice. Mastery is an ongoing educational an ongoing process, and practice in this sense means you must also apply the knowledge you have acquired on a regular and consistent basis. If you are interested in tapping into the limitless and affordable resources that social media can offer your business in terms of identity and growth, you must know what you’re doing and do it well, it’s that simple. Social media not only puts you on the global map but gives your business an identity, which is a powerful tool and should be handled carefully.

Social Media represents the identity of the business and often times the managerial role(s) that handle social media accounts are not the business owner(s), but for obvious reasons the control should ultimately be maintained solely by the business owner. There are certain logistical processes that should be established for all business, such as not having one employee handling all social media accounts, or one person with posting, updating, and producing content on the business accounts. It is important to note that laws are continuously changing in regards to professional social media management, but as Summer Bridges from Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP, “when the company’s profile page is managed by one single person, then the content that is created and any fan base acquired or audience, legally belongs to them,”, no doubt an important fact to note.

There are many litigious areas to navigate when handling social media accounts even beyond HR issues that a business may be leery of even diving into the social media public pool, but you can hardly afford not to. Just as one should know how to swim before jumping in the water becoming educated, protected and involved in your company’s social media identity has become a necessity.

Crumb to contemplate: Really knowing what you are doing is a process, and as it relates to social media mastery, protecting yourself as a business owner should always come first.

Trina Albus from Magenta Agency gave a simplistic and enlightening presentation on Day 2 of SMWLA which laid out the importance of strategy, analytics and branding in social media. Reiterating a philosophy or rule of them we’ve all heard before, “Authenticity is KEY for both the influencer and the product”, again realism rules. In social media, excessive hype, a false identification, or boastful bragging only belongs only dating websites, not used in business to attract customers or a fan base. Social media in business only exaggerates and accelerates public knowledge of any lies, false fronts, or controversial actions and should be handled carefully. The objective in advertising (social media or not) is to create and harness influence, in order to do this you must have the trust of your supporters and choose whom you support carefully. Having the trust of your customers is a privilege that should be treated as such, there must be value for your customer to do business with you and support or promote you. Never before has a business owner had to always think in terms of how their customer or client thinks, and not just hire someone to “handle that”. Facing the customer is a necessity in any industry today. Having a social media identity shows accountability and is affordable, highly manageable and extremely responsive way to create, harness and control influence with your business. As Trina also noted, it is not only important for you to be authentic but consistent, have integrity, and cross promote!

Crumb to contemplate: Social Media as advertising should be used to entice not convince your audience.

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