Sofar Sounds is Bringing Back the Magic of Live Music

If you’ve ever found yourself strolling down an unknown street, following the sound of distant music, you’ll probably understand what Sofar Sounds is all about. There is something special about stumbling upon a show—the mystery and spontaneity of it demands your attention. It’s completely different from attending a huge concert, which always includes a drawn out opening act, a packed venue, stressful parking, and of course, lots of distracting cell phones and cameras.

Sofar Sounds recognizes the pitfalls of massive, commercialized performances, and wants to provide authentic experiences that are all about the music. According to their site, Sofar Sounds “is a global network of artists, hosts, and guests, all with the goal of bringing the magic back to live music.” At each event, or “Sofar,” you’ll experience pure music, without any of the excess at big events. No openers or headliners, no chatting from the crowds, no texting or snapping.

Guests are chosen by a raffle and invited to secret gigs. The venue location is unknown until the day before and the lineup is a mystery right up to the start of the show. It’s a perfect way to create a close, intimate environment, with both the artists and the audience paying mutual respect.

If you’re looking for a secret show in LA, you could end up at ROC’s own Santa Monica office. Sara Mengesha, Assistant Director of Sofar Sounds Los Angeles, has had great experiences using ROC’s building space to host private shows.

“Everyone on the team is AMAZING! Erica, Elden, and the entire crew are so attentive and supportive. They know what we need even before we ask and go above and beyond to make each event special and memorable. Whether we’re hosting shows outside on the patio or inside and need to move all the furniture, they are there to support us in any way. Sofar Sounds is about bringing communities together over a common passion for music and the ROC team and members are a community that we’re happy to be a part of,” Mengesha says.

Sofar Sounds is currently active in over 300 cities worldwide. You might be in Dallas, sitting in a living room ten feet from Leon Bridges, or discovering your favorite new artist in a basement in Cluj-Napoca; Sofar Sounds embraces the magic of mystery, but you can always expect a unique, unforgettable experience at one of their shows.

If you want to join their global community as a guest, artist, or host, or are seeking more information, check out their website!


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