Springing Up, Tech Start-Up Scene In Hawaii Is Blooming

Evidence of Spring is springing up everywhere. From scattered showers to perfect “beach days” focusing on work instead of giving in to Spring fever takes concerted effort on these days, especially when you live and work in the most beautiful place on the planet-talking about Hawaii, of course! It’s hard to imagine how any work gets done on “island time” but the island of Oahu, to be exact, is the sight of a tech start-up scene in Hawaii that is definitely blooming!

Always miles ahead and positioned to assist its clientele in the most beneficial way, ROC (Real Office Centers) will soon be opening a 15,000 square foot collaborative work space center optimally and conveniently located right in the emerging tech start-up scene in Hawaii, right in the hub of Honolulu.

Tech Start-Up In HI-Def

We’ve all heard it a thousand times (and more if you’re in Real Estate), location is a key building block for an ideal professional future, and this “ROC solid” foundation of support is really what ROC is all about.

More than having office centers in the most prestigious locations, having everything you need (and more) and setting your business up for success and growth while providing unlimited opportunities-all are really what fuels each ROC location; it’s the creative fire of collaboration.

The tidal wave of the tech start-up scene on the west coast, like a tsunami in the Pacific, has made its way to the shores of Oahu, yet instead of being destructive, this is a progressive wave, creating opportunities, revitalizing the community and emphasizing the ingenuity of Hawaiians who know the secret formula to balancing work and play!

As if one needed an excuse to be in Hawaii, there’s now another (legitimate business) reason to get on a plane today (or just virtually travel) to Oahu this weekend for the AT&T Mobile App Hack-a-thon in Honolulu. The popular Hackathon event kicks off this Friday, March 28th and runs through Saturday March 29th. Part contest with cash prizes and gift cards, it is also networking opportunity, way to use mentorship, find sponsorship, and be guided through the successful development of a functioning MVP(Minimal Viable Product) by Saturday afternoon!

ROC will be at the AT&T Mobile App Hack-a-thon to meet attendees, take in the talent, smell the hibiscus, and most importantly, spread the word about their latest one of a kind (on Oahu) collaborative office spaces- designed just for the tech scene and budding start-up endeavors springing up all across the islands.

location of ROC Oahu
ROC Oahu in Honolulu

The new corner front expansive ROC Oahu offices, have been completely modernized, retrofitted, was designed specifically for start-ups and will be completely geared for techies. ROC Oahu will also include a “noodle house” style restaurant (we all have worked through dinner) and even a bar (for the extra long days) and is slated to open April 2014! Balancing work and play in Hawaii are one and the same, the secret is to love what you do, then it feels like your always playing, and you always have Spring fever. Ready? Set…Grow!

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