Start-Ups Work Smarter Not Harder

The language of our corporate workplace has changed over the last decade. Instead of taking great ideas to the bank, we take them to the masses. Evidence of this lies in the familiarity with Kickstarter, which has become a household name lately. Other similarly modeled crowd funding platforms and networking groups have opened the vault of investment and exposed the wealth of both genius and idiotic ideas alike. TechCoast Angels of Southern California is the single largest investment organization in the entire United States with investments exceeding $120 million. Likewise, DigitalLA is a networking organization designed by and for digital media professionals aimed at capturing the unique and abundant talent set in Southern California. Non discriminatory by design, start-ups are similar to the USB port, our current generation doesn’t fit into the square peg of the traditional corporate structure of the olden days.

A start-up begins as the birth of an idea, but there must be also a heartbeat, which is of course the money, since it keeps the blood flowing. The brains of the start-up are the founder(s). Key responsibilities and opportunities done properly from the outset are like learning the ABC’s. In order to further increase your education from the elementary level, you must do your research and become knowledgeable on every aspect of your start-up idea. By aligning yourself in the right environment, with the right people and the right exposure, you will provide for the ideal climate for your start-up to grow in.

While some stressors are bound to occur in business, as in life, there is evidence that in the start-up environment these triggers are greatly reduced. In this environment there is no ceiling of potential, punishment and rewards are directly related to the effort put in. Based on the open and collaborative nature of a start-up, motivation levels are highest, and greater achievement is the end result. The flexibility that is synonymous with the start-up creates less rigid and stifling atmosphere and less wasted time, allowing greater focus and ultimately fostering the baby idea into a mature, viable company. Our generation should be proud of the responsible and innovative corporate environment we have created, proving to past and future generations and the world, that it’s better to work smarter not harder.

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