Start With the Presence of Your Success!

Many people can imagine success but sometimes have difficulties realizing the path to it. You have a fantastic and unique business model or are branching out on your own and are ready to start your new business. In the world of entrepreneurial invention, one of the greatest questions is “Where do I start?”. Establishing your presence amongst the competition is key to your success.

Many people do not realize that, for less than what you pay for your cell phone bill each month, you can begin setting up your business presence in the world of executives, established Fortune 500 companies, skilled professionals and venture capitalists.

The path to the corner office in the high rise can very well start with a simple address. Setting up a Mailbox Presence program at any or all of the Real Office Centers locations can be instrumental when establishing a new business or a new firm’s stamp on the market. While you are still working on the building blocks of your company, the world will only see that you work out of a beautifully appointed office space with all the amenities and support our staff can offer, all for less than your phone bill. This is the beauty of renting commercial office space.

Starting off conservatively and fortifying those building blocks ensures your level of comfort towards the next step. As you grow, you may begin meeting clients. Doing so at your home or a coffee shop has never been the ideal situation or indicative of one’s success. Now you can comfortably move to the next level and set up your phone and part time office package, taking you to the ROC Star level.

Offered at all 6 locations, you will now have the ability to not only claim the prestigious address as the home of your company but the professional and friendly assistance of our staff to answer your phone and connect you with your clients no matter where you are; greet and assist your clients whether you are in the office or not. Having a full time staff at the fraction of a full time office cost makes great business sense. Now, you have an address for your business cards, website and letterhead; an incredible office staff that is there to help encourage, represent and grow your business; a few days a month in a fully furnished office to meet with clients as well as access to impressive conference rooms to host larger groups.

These are the steps to establishing yourself amongst your peers. You create the business and we will take care of your office! The opportunities that are inclusive with being a member of Real Office Centers affords you the peace of mind to know that you are on a path to success!

Written by: Joanne Madi

Categories: Work Life Balance

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