Startup Weekend San Diego Kicks Off

Startup Weekend San Diego Brings Out the Finest of the Finest

If you have not heard of Startup Weekend it is a worldwide organization, or network, of passionate people who support like minded business people through the support of the Google for Entrepreneurs venture. The main goal of this powerful group of established and respected leaders, and up and coming entrepreneurs is to support success and launch their business or startup-in one weekend, hence the name Startup Weekend.

This opportunity to pitch and launch your start-up has come to San Diego and kicks off today, February 7th and closes on Sunday, February 9th at 9:00 pm for 54 hours of pure genius (and a little sweat).

The typical attendees for Startup weekend are a blend of business savvy individuals and technical gurus, making for well matched teams and unlimited networking opportunities.

It all starts with a well designed pitch, and the majority of those are “tech oriented”, with as much as 95% of the pitches being for mobile and web focus. The pitch itself is timed and judged by a professional panel of 4 judges all with intensely impressive resumes (a force of four to be reckoned with for certain), their site recommends practicing the pitch with a 60 second timer as good preparation for the perfect pitch.

Even though the weekend is set up in a competition format with prizes and judging, teamwork is ultimately the theme and emphasis of the entire event, and pairing teams with coaches, promoting success and offering expert support.

Startup Weekend San Diego has a Veteran theme with half of the attendees being Veterans who will be paired with entrepreneurs whose talents and expertise are reciprocal. You do not have to be a Veteran to participate, the pitch does not have to be military related, and you don’t even need to have an idea to be a part of this cooperative event.

ROC San Diego is proud to be a sponsor of Startup San Diego and to help Google for Entrepreneurs bring out the finest of America’s finest. In each location throughout Southern California that ROC calls home they are actively participating and facilitating events tailored to the community members that bring real results.

By supporting the local community through leadership and facilitating the success in entrepreneurship talent, ROC’s commitment to entrepreneurs is evident and commendable. With the support of entities such as ROC (and Google for Entrepreneurs), from a global to local scale, a startup is just the beginning of a successful venture.

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