StilettoDash: If the Shoe Fits

If you travel for work, juggle multiple titles (professional and personal), and want to look like you always have everything under control while looking gorgeous, you can! Enter StilettoDash, an online startup located at Real Office Centers. Embracing your power as a savvy business woman involves flaunting it just a little. For the woman desiring to always put her best foot forward, why not do it in stilettos?

It’s finally here. The all encompassing online portal and information source for modern business women launched this week. Check out their site StilettoDash. It helps dress the real woman of today’s professional society, and addresses women’s business issues. Shining the spotlight on the woman that tries (and often succeeds) at being multiple places at the same time and looks great all the while, StelittoDash proves that she does exist. Through the StilettoDash team, partners, and contributors, insights, tips, secrets and support are shared by seasoned and traveled “Entrepreneur- ista’s” . All of the highly successful contributors bring experience in a variety of professional fields, joined in the solidarity of being women who do it all while doing it well.

Located in Southern California at one of the Real Office Centers‘ locations provides an idyllic colorful backdrop of creative energy for the StilletoDash team. It’s the perfect collaborative workspace for this forward thinking source of information and ingenuity. Getting tailored advice on the female traveler’s obstacles and opportunities is like finding your keys in your purse. StilettoDash is much more than a magazine site of about lipstick and luggage. StilettoDash tackles health issues, transportation security, technology news, and travel resources and tips (can’t have enough of those up my sleeve). Most of all it’s a place for sharing real life scenarios; the good, the bad and the unbelievable. Sign up for a monthly newsletter from StilettoDash and get a free gift bag and contest entries for glam prizes!

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