Stylin’ and Dialin’ with Fellow ROC’er: pursecase

What do you do when your pockets are too small and your purse is too big?  Whether it means digging through a purse full of products trying to find a phone, or contorting your body in a chair as you reach for your pocket, the simple act of taking out your phone can be a major hassle.

Kelley Weaver, the founder of pursecase, came up with an answer to this problem. “The pursecase is designed as a stylish solution where you can use all the features of your phone without ever having to take it out of the case,” she says.

The pursecase goes further, combining a case for your phone with the functionality of a sleek wallet, and then dressing it all up as a chic purse. It’s not just functional as a carrier—the pursecase is a fashion statement for the no-nonsense woman.

“I think busy women today rely on a few items to get them through their day, whether it’s a credit card they use frequently, a little bit of cash, maybe an ID, and your smartphone, which is so central to your life today. Those few things are really what you need at all times, and everything else is just extra,” Kelley notes.

pursecase thinks women deserve a product that accommodates their minimal, stylish lifestyle. Customers seem to agree. Today, the pursecase is sold on shelves throughout the country, and can even be found in Canada and the UK.

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