Survey Says…

The consensus is that it’s important to have a fun workplace. Sound like an oxymoron? Not for the clientele at ROC’s offices throughout Southern California.

A unique mix of entrepreneurs from any profession or industry contribute to the diverse landscape of tenants at the ROC office centers, some of whom recently shared their thoughts on the ROC experience at their respective locations. Check out some of the quick interviews, which are nothing but relaxed and honest, the way it should be at work. Attorneys, Nutritionists, Accountants, Technology Engineers and dynamic startup operations all create an electrified energy in the office buildings, making each day unique and a new opportunity.

Unanimously the motivation level is high and production is increased just by being in the prestigious, yet laid back, get it done and have fun doing it atmosphere. With an eclectic mix of personalities bringing new energy, there’s never a dull day, which ultimately keeps you motivated, on your toes and productive. Many of the ROC family began as a virtual business and have grown to require a “home base” and brain storm epicenter, which is exactly what ROC caters to. Bringing in new events creates an ideal place for networking and business growth opportunities, even meeting new people around the ping pong table can bring the same results, which are unique to ROC’s locations. Accessibility of the locations from all modes of transport, public and private, prestigious office space that would otherwise be out of reach financially are advantageous to the international business. Sweeping skylines, predominant industry locations, and a true place to focus are all provided for. Expanding your mind, your business and opportunities is what ROC is all about, to give a platform for success and create a fun workplace at the same time. Business casual isn’t an oxymoron, why should having fun a work be?

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