SWEETWORXX Steps in for Car Repairs

SWEETWORXX wants to revolutionize the way you service your car. Unlike many of the new app-era businesses that disrupt entire industries, SWEETWORXX seamlessly steps into the mix, benefitting both the car owner and the mechanic. For the owners, that means no more stressing about whether or not you are getting a fair price, or wasting time taking your car back and forth from the shop. If you have car troubles, give it to SWEETWORXX and get on with the rest of your life. As for the repair shops, SWEETWORXX keeps it straight and simple, so the mechanics can do what they do best.

It works pretty simply‚ÄĒregister your car, select your desired services, and then wait. A professional driver from SWEETWORXX will come pick up your car, take it to a shop specializing in its particular needs, and then drop it back off. SWEETWORXX is transparent throughout the whole process, allowing you to receive instant price quotes from shops, and even tracks the progress of your car during service. SWEETWORXX also provides car rentals while yours is in the shop, in case you still need to drive.

SWEETWORXX is currently active in select cities throughout Orange County. As an effort to expand their services around OC, the company is partnering with local businesses and offering some SWEET promotional deals. In fact, SWEETWORXX recently started working from ROC’s Orange County¬†locations, and are giving a 25% OFF services discount for all ROC members!

You can download and learn more about the SWEETWORXX app from their site.





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