Take Your Skin to the Laundry

ROC’s new member Skin Laundry is chasing epidermal perfection. Over time, our skin inevitably ages and wears. We develop wrinkles, acne, redness, unevenness, and eventually lose the luster of smooth, vibrant skin. The story of Skin Laundry starts with founder Yen Reis, who started using laser and light therapy to combat her skin issues that came from aging. The therapy was safe and affordable, but unfortunately Yen couldn’t find it anywhere outside of Asia.

After moving to Los Angeles, Yen decided to partner with medical professionals and laser technicians to establish laser and light therapies Stateside. Skin Laundry was born. Just a few years after opening, Skin Laundry has already expanded out of California to Arizona, New York, and Hong Kong, with more locations currently in development.

The treatment itself is quick, painless, and affordable. As their name implies, Skin Laundry considers each treatment a part of a regular cleaning routine for healthy skin. Skin Laundry also produces their own line of beauty and hygiene products, which can be found in treatment locations and Sephora stores.

We spoke with Devon Branam, Director of Marketing at Skin Laundry, to hear more about their revolutionary laser therapies, keeping skin healthy, and working out of ROC.

Here’s the exchange:

Unlike more serious treatments from dermatology offices, Skin Laundry provides a quick, affordable service. Does that mean laser treatments should be used by more than just supermodels and movie stars? What kind of different clients come through to get Skin Laundry treatments?

Yes. Skin Laundry is revolutionizing the way people clean and care for their skin by making lasers more accessible. We have taken world class laser & light therapy out of doctor’s offices and into open, airy Skin Laundry clinics to create a new category in skincare services: the 15-Minute Laser & Light Facial. Our signature treatment is incredibly convenient, effective and affordable.  It deep cleans skin leaving it clearer, tighter and brighter — with no downtime and the best part? The first treatment is free.

We cater to a wide demographic because our facial is effective in so many different ways and it appeals to both women and men. We have some clients who are looking for a nice, professional deep clean or others who have more specific concerns such as acne/acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Skin Laundry is also a great solution for more preventative measures such as anti-aging or just overall maintenance for healthy, glowing skin.

Aside from getting laser and light treatments, do you have any simple tips for keeping your skin healthy?

​We believe healthy skin starts with clean skin so I recommend daily cleansing both morning and night. My favorite is Skin Laundry’s Hydrating Cream Face Wash. I also suggest a great daily moisturizer with SPF to help hydrate and protect your skin. And, drinking water. Lots and lots of water.

How has your experience at ROC been so far? 

Our experience has been nothing short of amazing. We are a startup and this is the first time our team has worked together under one roof. Prior to ROC, we either worked from home or out of one of our 16 clinics worldwide so the collaborative workspace has really allowed for an increase in efficiency, productivity and synergy. I also feel that not only have we grown as a team professionally, we have also gotten to know each other more personally too, which has been a great added bonus. We are currently working out of the Newport Beach location, just across the way from our clinic at Fashion Island which is very convenient.

You can shop Skin Laundry products and find a nearby treatment center at Skin Laundry’s website!


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