The New Corporate Culture

Seriously, working a 9-5 mind numbing desk job is not a realistic model for success, or even the societal norm anymore-thank goodness! Of course the traditional corporate ladder climbing career is still widely available to the toiling masses, which without we would not have the ever so efficient DMV.

Technology and how we use it has changed the way we work and has effectively burst the blue collar success bubble that comes along with ballooning college debt. A new experience of corporate culture is being created and has proven to be widely successful.

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From start-ups to established international corporations, the model for success starts with happy and relaxed employees (or contributors) as integral parts of the company team. The collaborative work environment inspires creativity and innovation. We all already know that happy people are healthier (due to less stress and a host of other physiological factors) and they also tend to work more often and happily so. In this type of environment efficiency and creativity are multiplied because people are happy and want to be part of the company, it becomes a thriving culture of creativity. It is for this reason we need to ditch the preconceived archaic notion t hat job security reigns supreme over invention and individuality.

The perfect case example is at the ‘corporate’ offices of Google, which receives 2.5 million resumes per year and is continuously voted the best place to work in America. One of the paramount reasons for Google’s tremendous success is that the company celebrates individuality to the google degree. Co-working, co-playing, co-creating and the staggering success of Google, has been the direct result of implementing this new corporate method or culture in the workplace. As a new model for success, loved or despised, admired or feared, there is no sign of the end of Google. If the so called secret to success was as simple as creating a cool company culture, wouldn’t everybody do it?

You don’t have to be one of world’s leading technology innovators to learn from this shift in corporate philosophy. As a start-up company you have a brilliant opportunity to define your company culture from the very beginning. Once risky, now opportunistic and hands on, start-up companies are the back-bone of America and leading innovation worldwide. After all, Google was a start-up project in 1995 by two college grad students at Stanford University. In fact, of the 100 richest people in America, 27 are heirs and 73 are self made billionaires, of those 73 self-made billionaires, 18 have no college degree and 36 are children raised in poverty.

All businesses began at one point as a start-up, which turned into a small business and then finally into a large corporation, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ‘corporate’. Being a start-up company right now is exciting and open to anyone with a great idea, a great team, and a vibe or corporate culture that everyone wants to be a part of. Creating the company culture you want for your start-up is integral to its success, growth and begins with happiness in the workplace, starting with your own.

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