The ROC Experience – Co-Working Brilliance.

As the workplace evolves, the collaborative office environment is emerging as a preferred way of doing business. At Real Office

Centers, we recognize this shift in thinking and have created unique, functional, and inviting spaces that encourage interaction and collaboration.

“We built this environment so you can build your business”

Most of our clients say they chose to work at ROC the moment they walked through our doors.

Words to use to describe ROC and what we do for our clients:

Inspiring, Evolved, Evolutionary, Stimulating, Advanced, Accelerate, Elevate, Encourage, Energize, Incite, Motivate

Our classic contemporary design and “Open Source Environment” will enhance your business experience and accelerate your

growth. We’ll be using our Social Media Walls with Twitter and Facebook streams in all our locations to promote our client companies, and we post our clients on our Private Social Network to encourage business between companies.

Our business model is client driven, allowing you to focus on your core competencies while we do the rest.

The monthly cost of your “ROC Experience” includes:

  • Furnished Private Offices
  • Reception services
  • Mail Handling
  • On Site Management
  • 24/7 access
  • Maintenance and Utilities
  • Refreshment Bar featuring Starbucks Coffee and
  • Infused water and tea
  • Community Discounts
  • Access to our Private Social Network
  • ROC Social Media, promoting our client companies

The ROC community Work Experience is an “Open Source Work Environment” that fosters collaboration between resource companies as well as the ROC team.

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