The Shifting Profit Paradigm – LIVE Chat With Author And CEO Of ROC, Ron McElroy

Amazon Best Seller Wrong Side of the Tracks’ author Ron McElroy, CEO and Founder of Real Office Centers, is holding a live chat and Q&A on Thursday, May 23, 2013 from 11:30 – 12:20 PM PST. This insightful chat is set to cover the secrets to a profitable life and business.
The once agreed upon ideas about how to start and run a profitable company are now shifting. The consciousness of business is expanding beyond the bottom line and everyone is winning. Transcending greed can open doors to collaborations, community growth and yes…a booming business!
Join the live chat to learn about Ron McElroy thoughts on how to live a profitable life. Real Office Centers (ROC) has integrated this “giving back” philosophy both at it’s office centers and abroad. The chat will begin with short video that tells you about these programs and it’s successes.

“I’m excited to host my first series of live chats, derived from my entrepreneurial journey, as outlined in my memoir. I believe I can help those looking to succeed both in life and business, having had a transformative journey myself,” says Ron McElroy.

Ron McElroy has learned the benefits of a profitable business from social, green, and monetary capital that has allowed him to drive a successful business and keep his employees and community fortunate and loyal. With advantageous programs such as ecoROC, ROC aims to highlight the importance of such capital to live a sustainable life and encourage positive business practices.

Invitations will be e-mailed with information on how to join chat via phone, computer or mobil device. To receive an invite please e-mail Becky Beattie at

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