The Suite Spot: How Your Office Space Dictates Your Profit

Did you ever think that the moment you open your eyes in the morning its costing you money, your first cup of coffee, the gas you pump in your car, or the train fare to work, a barrage of expenses once you get to work, remembering to eat only when desperate and spending way too much for the convenience, face it, life is expensive. Living and working in bountiful San Diego County has limitless perks and most entertainment can be found free or at little cost. From museums, to taking advantage of the beaches, hiking or biking, play is everywhere to be found. It’s the work part of it that we all worry about, and in San Diego (as of today) a gallon of gas is only $0.30 less than in Honolulu, we pay to play in our paradise!

Perhaps surprisingly, as an Entrepreneur in San Diego the business climate is ideal for all types of industries to thrive, especially as a start-up company. This is evident by the eclectic mix of the thriving technology, medical innovation, legal stature, military presence and a young, highly educated (and very attractive) vein of new talent drawn to the area partially because of the weather. While the cost of living in San Diego may be high, the opportunities to capture dollars are overall worth the investment. As business owners, we know there is a cost involved with making a profit, making sure you don’t spend it before you receive it can be a challenge, especially in the beginning stages.

The largest expense for any business is overhead, and how to streamline this necessary expense in order to maintain the critical balance of cash flow. Taking a closer look, the largest chunk of overhead cuts directly into your profit, whether this is payroll, materials, and often your office space, it can make or break your bottom line. Looking at the costs you can control immediately, San Diego has virtual office space and shared office spaces for rent that are price conscious yet prestigious, a mix that is hard to find, especially in elite areas such as La Jolla, where office space is only found at a premium price!

Always exploring creative solutions and adapting your business to the current market is a vital task in today’s workplace. Growing appropriately and not wasting a penny is a defining factor in survival of the savviest Entrepreneur. Making the critical great first impression with new clients, meeting with existing, or conducting international business professionally is priceless, there are no second chances. By taking advantage of shared office centers you are able to combine savvy and suave. Shared office centers allow your business to “bundle” everyday expenses, incur none of the huge liabilities, and literally pay for only what you need. Be it space, privacy or just more of it, access to larger bandwidth and the latest technology, and in San Diego a view of the skyline that beats any day in the office.

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