Three Awesome “F” Words: Free, Food, Friday!

ROC has been busy bursting its seams in response to the demand for flexible and affordable office space suited specifically for the prosperous population growth of today’s entrepreneurial needs. The way we work in a global and mobile society has changed, so has professional office space. ROC has been at the leading edge of these new updated demands and continues to go further making the act of “going to the office” a perk in itself. Entrepreneurial and start-up professional focused events, special (elite) opportunities, educational seminars, networking and promotional opportunities are all passionately promoted and available at each of ROC’s six (and growing) locations. Going a step further (since many corporate office centers have modeled their latest renovations after ROC’s success), Real Office Centers also nourishes its clients physical well-being with weekly treats such as juicing days and Free Lunch Friday’s which is actually an independent global organization dedicated to feeding the minds and bellies of entrepreneurs along with a stimulating topic discussed and presented by an expert in a specific field. Free Lunch Fridays have kept the schedule of these events both concise and consistent since the inception of the program, serving food and beverages first, and then commencing with an expert discussion which lasts no more than 20 minutes. Taking a cue from TED talks, our attention spans have decreased, our free time has decreased, but most of us have the time for a free meal (and a beer on a Friday afternoon), if not, making time should be your first priority this week!

(ROC-Santa Monica) On Friday April 24th Jill Brown, the Queen of Royally Awesome, a media content, coaching and consulting business, will be presenting an easy approach for Start-ups to rally media coverage and expand publicity like a pro.

Real Office Centers and Free Lunch Friday (#FLF) have been working together for the last two years and have had such great success that ROC is expanding the program to be hosted at the Santa Monica, Irvine, and San Diego locations on a regular and revolving basis, please visit ROC’s Event page, the location’s event representative, or the FLF Locations to check it out for yourself.

“There is often a stigma about the formality and cheesiness of “networking” events, but just meeting people that share your work ethic and standards, that have something unique and interesting to share, or expand the opportunities of your business can be a relaxed and pleasurable experience, only further enhanced by free food, cold beer and a Friday!”-Spoiled in San Diego

Aside from Friday’s being the best day of the week, some great connections have been made and prosperous results have arisen from these productive, insightful and casual events, but the proof is in the Pilsner and what do you have to lose?

“Free Lunch Friday is a fantastic meetup, and if you live in one of the four cities where FLF is held, you should definitely make an effort to go. Come for the free lunch (and beer), and stay for the networking.”-John Chow, author, marketing and owner of “one of the biggest blogs on the internet”.

“The folks over at ROC are great, they’ve hosted every event for Free Lunch Friday in Orange County and LA so far. On top of that they’ve made a great video from our April event.”- Oscar Gonzalez, a dot-com lifestyle guru.

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