Three Months to a $65K Salary: How OC Code School Puts Coders On the Fast Track to Success

“The first step to being a valuable team member is being individually valuable.”

That’s the first line of a course description on the website for Orange County Code School, a member of the Real Office Centers Newport Beach community. Founded just a few years ago, OC Code School’s draw is simple: it teaches people how to code in just three months, quickly opening the door to a wide range of career paths for successful students.

For $15,000 tuition, students learn a broad list of different coding systems and applications, including JavaScript, Bootstrap, D3.js, Webpack, Heroku, and much more. Of the seven percent of applicants accepted into the program, 98 percent enroll, and 100 percent of graduates go on to find jobs as coders after completing the OC Code School course load.

Companies that have hired OC Code School graduates include Brandify, Sony Gaikai, McGraw-Hill Education, Retention Sciences, CloudCompli and more.

“Orange County Code School changed my life,” reads one online student testimonial.


“I came into the class knowing close to nothing, and was able to get a job in less than a month after it was over,” says another.

After graduating from OC Code School, the average salary for a coder is $60,000; the highest salary for someone directly out of OC Code School is $90,000. Some students from OC Code School have even gone on to start their own technology companies.

“Even CTOs of various companies agree that the content taught at this school is favorable,” says another online testimonial. “They were impressed at what we were learning.”

Following the philosophy that a coder must be individually valuable before being useful for a bigger team, each OC Code School student is required to build several full-stack software projects during the three month program. These projects include goferbot, a slack bot that helps offices coordinate coffee runs, as well as Multiple Run Poker, an online card-playing system.

OC Code School is still accepting applicants for its August through November session. If you’re looking for the next turn in your career, this could be the perfect stepping stone.

“During those three months, I learned more than I ever thought possible,” reads another online OC Code School testimonial.

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